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Fiat emissions probe: UK asks for details from US regulator
Author:杭州道尔进出口有限公司      Time:2017/1/13 17:01:24

Fiat emissions probe: UK asks for details from US regulator

The UK Department for Transport has asked for details of a US probe into Fiat Chrysler diesel emissions software as a matter of urgency.
The firm has been accused of not telling authorities about software that could allow excess diesel emissions in thousands of its vehicles.
The UK is facing legal action by the European Union over a separate emissions scandal involving Volkswagen.
The EU is pursuing the UK for failing to take action against VW.
A Department for Transport spokesman said: "We are urgently seeking further information from the US Environmental Protection Agency... and will also be seeking information from the manufacturer regarding vehicles in the UK market."
Ignorance or artifice?
John German from the International Council on Clean Transportation was part of the team that discovered VW software was evading emissions tests.
He told the BBC's Today programme that a distinction should be drawn between VW and Fiat Chrysler (FCA).
"VW had software embedded that looked for the actual test cycle used for regulatory purposes, and when they recognised it they turned the emissions controls on, and all other times they shut the emissions controls off. So in the real world, the emissions controls were basically off all of the time.
"FCA has not done this. What they're doing is they're looking at things like vehicle speed, vehicle acceleration, and so they're shutting the emission controls off some of the time in the real world, but not all of the time."
He added that although FCA emissions appeared to be higher in the real world, it was not clear whether this was deliberate.
"It has to do with how exemptions from the defeat device regulations are interpreted in Europe and in the US, and so it could have been just more ignorance on the part of the Fiat Chrysler people who were calibrating this engine."


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